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Grimm Review: Trubel Trials

Okay, so really she was just being flippant when she told Juliette that people call her "Trubel"! How unbelievably annoying that they all decide to actually refer to her by that name. That's what's so annoying. And, did they really take her to the precinct? Just feet away from the Captain? If he finds out she is a Grimm, oh my how the plot will change. Can't believe Nick would take that chance, or even the chance that someone will figure out who the murderer is.

Castle Review: Three Days of Terror

When are you all going to get that episodes are NOT aired in order? This was chosen from ones taped to be comedic relief in the lineup. The order, and connected plot lines, are not of concern to the networks. Yes, it would be great if all the tv shows would air eps in plot order, but they don't so just get over that and enjoy the individual ep and marvelous acting you seelike Castle.

Castle Review: The Dark Side of Rick

For god's sake, his name is RICK!
Please let her call him by his name especially at probably the most e?tional moment of his life. This last name thing is driving me nuts.