Diane Jones

I love my kids and Grandaughters their why my heart is still beating.God Bless Them and watch over them.oxoxooxoxox
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NCIS Round Table: "Restless"

l love this show Mark Harmond is just great as Gibbs and the rest of the cast are great but l LOVE Gibbs. Only show l watch. l wush l could get a sighed pic. of Mark Harmond.


please please please leave the best cast Gibbs, Ziva, Tony, Tim, Abby,n Ducky,n Jimmy. other wise you eill ruin a good show

NCIS Review: "Defiance"

Get rid of Vance Let Gibbs n his team do what they do best. They get the job done n like in real life as well as show that is what realy counts.l injoy this show because it lets Gibbs be real not a fake like most show have the actors do. NCSI team stay together, Abby n Ducky,n Jim too.

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