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I weep for Bonnie but most supporting Black actresses and actors are so poorly written and they are always a 'by the way.' Why couldnt they do for Bonnie what they did for Davina? But if you notice Bonnie, Cammile on Bones, Lannie on Castle, The black guys on New Girl, Captain Gates on Castle, Iris on Flash etc as someone who is drawn to people who look like me to relate to them, I feel like they are always relegated.


I think the people who aren't enjoying the show anymore are the Olitz fans who want Olivia to sit in her house and patiently wait for the second term to end so that they can move to Vermont. Nobody should touch her, she should wait for the president, no social life. But George, if I was bored with a show as your writing alleges, I would definately change the channel.

Scandal Round Table: Where Is the Key?

Favorite quote: I put my hands where you think they dont belong.
Song i would sing: God will make a way
Huck's wife not believing him: its a sad situation for both of them I feel bad for the wife too.
Mellie's reaction: I am over Mellie and her dramatics.
I would want Olivia to kill her father. It would be justice. And she can make up for all the wrong he has done to the people she cared about; Huck, Fitz,Jake and Harrison

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