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I was disapponted in this epsiode. While I loved every moment with Claire I hated all the Frank scenes. I found myself look at the clocking counting the moments the show wasted on Frank and wishing we would get back to Claire and the gang. I get that they need to give the actor screen time so they can keep him on as Frank/ Jack but was it really necessary to waste half the time in the last epsiode we get for like 8 months on Frank. Going to rewatch last weeks episode now it should have been the finale it was the best.

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Supergirl Drama: Flying to CBS!

Several options come to mind for actresses and I'm sure there are lots more. The two key things to this show succeeding are the actress needs to be:
1. Attractive in some way whether is hot or greeky attractive
2. A decent actress capable of carrying the show ( very uncommon in young actresses today)


I disagree, Dwight is the only problem i've had with the last 2 seasons.He was good asa reoccurring character but seeing him every week I hate him.I hope Dwight gets way less screen time this season.