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Love the new banner but not a massive fan of the lighter colours expecially the gray.

Kelly Rutherford Then and Now

how things change...but im curious as to how anyone managed to get this picture...haha

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Josh interview about Chuck (his other show) He mentions CB fans (Spoilers)

people have to trust that the journey we are taking them on is one that is designed to give audiences both what they want and what they need.

I don't consider myself one of those chair fans 'up in arms' about the break up - in fact im kinda all for it, but this statement irritates me. I find it extreamly hard to trust the writers especially when they are claiming all their storylines and conflicts are developed to take us on a journey we want. What did the Elle/Chuck and Vuck storylines give us besides the urge to vomit. In my eyes those two storylines tarnished the Chair dynamic rather than add to the suspense and angst of them getting together. Also how did the Serena/Tripp affair develop either Serena as a character or our love for the character. It may have led to an NS reunion, but, if anything left me feeling less than excited for the eventual hook up. I don't know, its just my opinion but the writers always seem to piss me off whenever they open their mouth. :)

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Australia Day Greetings!!


:) Ohh god i snack = faillll

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The Serena Cub! :D


Sure she pisses me off sometimes but there are so many things that I love about her. She is adorable and has IMO the best personality out of all the characters. She may not have as much depth as Chuck or Blair but she is fun, bubbly and really balances out the show. She is well meaning and you can tell she has the best heart.

There are so many things to love about Serena but I think she is overlooked because of the tiresome and sometimes boring storylines she is given. She hasn't always been shown in the best light by the writers but you can def tell that there is more to her than just preety hair and killer boobs.

And so I repeat.... I LOVE SERENA!

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