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Nashville Review: Family Ties

Rayna is so perfect and her life got even more put back together in this episode that it sort made me not like Rayna. As far as Dante is concerned, his name says it all (Dante's Inferno?!) and forewarns of danger. I think Juliette does all of it just b/c of Deacon to either get his attention or because he doesn't give her attention. With her it's all about Deacon and I like Juliette as a character. Rayna has it together and I wish Juliette would end up with Deacon because she needs someone the most. All I have to say is where would Rayna, Juliette, Scarlett, and Gunnar be without Deacon. If it wasn't for Deacon they would all be ALOT worse off. I like Gunnar but it seems like Deacon is everyone's white knight.

Gossip Girl Review: The Final Chapter

Who knew that the show was all about Dan Humphrey? The last scene with the next generation made me feel so nostalgic and sad for the end of the series. In the end, it was about a boy who liked a girl. Now I see the whole series as something sweet and endearing when the plot lines were about being sexy and powerful. Bravo! A GREAT show and series! Dan and Serena did belong together after all. To the creator and the cast of 'Gossip Girl', from me to you 'xoxo' ;D

Gossip Girl Round Table: "The Revengers"

Gossip Girl is probably both Jenny and Eric. I thought it was Jenny but then Eric was brought up during the Thanksgiving episode and it seemed out of left field. Why bring up Eric now after a whole season has gone by? Also, I wished for Serenate but my hopes are totally dashed. Ever since Vanessa left it was like Dan was the odd man out. Serena and Dan just don't have that chemistry that Serena and Nate did... Oh well. I liked the girls getting together, that was fun. Although, I would have preferred Juliet and Jenny to be included instead of Ivy and Sage. Those girls were way more vindictive (and more fun) than Ivy or Sage. If the writers had Juliet and Jenny then everything really would have come full circle. Unfortunately, compared to Jenny and Juliet, Ivy and Sage are lightweights. I loved the fab four (Serena, Blair, Nate, and Chuck) together again and having Ivy surrounded by them at the bar. It was only fitting that the fab four got a final scene together. What were a few of my favorite scenes of the series? All of Season 1 especially the end when the 'Core 4' the 'Non-judgemental Breakfast Club' teamed up against Georgina. In Season 2 I enjoyed when 'Queen Serena' took over high school and made Dan a social outcast. I loved Serena and Nate in Season 3 (all seemed right with the world). Also, the whole first part of Season 4 especially when the 'Core 4' surrounded Juliet to tell her that she was officially 'Done' . That was fun and exciting ;D

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