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Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 359

Jo: What?!
Alex: Look Mer is gonna poop on the table, but she doesn't want me in there she wants Cristina who doesn't want to be in there and I want to be in there but she doesn't and near enough everything I am is beacause of her and I wanna be in there so I so her that, or something..
Jo: Okay shut up. Your rambling, just go tell Medusa, I mean Meredith and she might let in there?! Oh, and where is there?
Alex: What?
Jo: Where is she gonna poop?
Alex: Oh, the delivery room.

Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 358

Bailey: Arrhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!
Callie: What?! D'you think I was gunna punch you! God no, what is wrong wit you?!


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