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Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 351

Derek: Do you like it when mommy and daddy kiss in front of you? Huh Zo?
*Zola shakes head*
Derek: No? (to Meredith) Okay then just wait till what happened in the next picture!

Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 350

Derek: Why is there a horse in the lobby?
Cahill: I don't know, I didn't authorize this. But, I think that's a Pegasus not a horse.
Derek: A Pegasus!? Seriously, next I know you'll be saying it 'wants to hold my hand'
Cahill: Well....

Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 350

Derek: I want whoever made look like a devil and graffitied on my head to be punished with cases of explosive diarrhea and abseses!
Alana: We can't punish a doctor for vandalism with intern jobs, first off what will the interns do? And can't I just fire them?
Derek: No! You can't fire them that's not enough torture! And the interns will just have to do each other!
*Derek storms off in a mood*