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i am a gladiator and i will be at florrick and argos, regularly campaign for Zade/Elijah and Katerina whilst voguing with Regina at Storybrooke. I am currently in mourning over MindyDanny and my Fav doppelgänger Katerina and the messes that are TVD and HoD. I secretly perv on kevin's and his abs on awkward. Previously; Zade and Elijah's Gladiator;
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Drea xoxo

I liked the episode! I thought it was one of their funniest yet!! the ending is realistic and i personally am not bothered by it... however i am missing the old nurses (jersey and betsy)

Drea xoxo

I believe she isn't really ali and is the evil twin.....

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Drea xoxo
Awkward Review: Mr. PHHS

I quite liked the episode, miss the asian mafia mix though.... luke so far seems promising but you never know.... and hey kevin nice to see your abs again