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i am a gladiator and i will be at florrick and argos, regularly campaign for Zade/Elijah and Katerina whilst voguing with Regina at Storybrooke. I am currently in mourning over MindyDanny and my Fav doppelgänger Katerina and the messes that are TVD and HoD. I secretly perv on kevin's and his abs on awkward. Previously; Zade and Elijah's Gladiator;
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I believe she isn't really ali and is the evil twin.....

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Awkward Review: Mr. PHHS

I quite liked the episode, miss the asian mafia mix though.... luke so far seems promising but you never know.... and hey kevin nice to see your abs again

49 New Shows for 2014-2015

Not excited about any really,.....Just waiting on AHS Circus