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Beauty and the Beast Review: Swan Dive

Ok let me set something straight here: first off why did the writer never watch a single version of the stories out there? Both are good starting points and to say something about the 80's show Ron Pearlman played Vincent and was really good at it, they tried to keep him more connected to the stories interpretation of the beast. Catherine was played by actress Linda Hamilton (Sarah Connor) and she was actually a district attorney. Now to this version: I am going to tell the same thing as I stated when I got mad at the comparison between two entirely different Sherlock Holmes shows. It's nice to see variety in fact I think it's great to see an entirely different type of Vincent and I am deeply impressed this Catherine they actually let ass kick and defend herself and not keep her relying on help from the very get go. I applaud that and from the looks of it I strongly think this series has what it takes to go farther. But you don't have to take my word for it, my only hope is that I hope they can continue really strong story lines that will take it longer than three seasons which is exactly how long the 80's version had lasted. All I can say is give it more time and be more open minded that's exactly what I am doing.