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Sons of Anarchy Season Finale Review: "NS"

Great finale. Sutter and company definately pulled a fast one on the audience with the club being in on Jax being a rat. I dont think Jax has a clue that Gemma and Clay were responsible for his dad's death. One thing to mention is that Gemma didnt want Jax to die, she tells Clay in the beginning of the episode that she doesnt want him to see the same fate that John did. Thats when I knew those two were responsible for his death. It truly changes thought how we perceive Clay and Gemma now. They are truly evil people regardless of the appearences they put up. Its a brilliant move by the writers, they did a similar thing with the Shield in the last 2 seasons when the audience, for the most part, went from liking Vic Mackey to the show revealing to us the scumbag he really was and turning the focus of the show from disturbed hero to downright evil bastard. I guessing that change took place last night when it comes to Gemma and Clay. Im guessing Tara and Jax will be at odds with those two for the remainder of the show now as they battle for the club and there humanity.

Game of Thrones Preview: Will You Watch?

ill watch on dvd sometime as i dont get HBO. The books are some of the best fantasy by far. The actual fantasy is quite subdued and the story is more political intrigue. Its a story of the Starks, Lannisters and Baratheon set against the backdrop of the Night Watch and the threat of the mythical "Others" that may or not be threatening the realm. My only complaint is while George Martin, the author, is spending time on this tv series he wont get the 5th book in the series finished, its been some 5 yrs now since the last book came out. Prolific this guy is not.

Casualties of War

I'm starting to lose interest in this show. I didnt really care that much at all about Sean getting his girl back. The aliens and the president story is still keeping my interest but barely. I got about one or two more episodes at the most before I give up, unless things start getting more interesting.

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