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Indeed! The basics. How can people who get a paycheck from a show, whose job it is to know the characters, whose job it is to guide a show know less about canon than the fans? How can they be so inconsistent with a character? To give forward direction, you've got to know the direction it's coming from. And every writer you hire needs to be familiar as well and if they're not, you've got to have someone knowledgeable to step up and say, No that won't work because ... and who can proceed to supply the chapter and verse. I can do it and I don't have the added impetus of it being my livelihood.


YES! The Gibbs/DiNozzo dynamic is the total reason I started watching at all. It was soooo much better in the early years. They've done quite a hatchet job on it in the last half of the series so far. There have been years in the second half of the series where Gibbs was downright hateful and hostile to Tony in episode after episode. That horrible basement scene in Revenge is one such example. Now I do think S11 saw a bit of improvement, it is still a long way from those great early seasons.
And about the "old Tony". The earlier seasons showed a Tony far more deserving of his position. I want that guy back. Yeah, we get small bursts of greatness now and again, but then the next series of eps will be back to a waste of a very special agent.
They badly needed to bring DPB back on character development for the Ziva replacement. Bellisario could've given us a winner. He had the touch.

Ray Donovan Review: Agonizing Situations

I'm done with Abby. Ready for her to go. She's just too stupid.

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