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NCIS Season 12 Episode 15 Review: Cabin Fever

Sorry guys, I keep thinking about this and apparently can’t shut it off. The other train of thought I have is that Gibbs cuffing Sergei and bringing him in to
trial is clearly what should have happened in the ideal world of white hats with
uncompromising moral compasses. But I think that ideal is likely not achieved
in real world scenarios more often anyone knows or wants to know. Do we really think the war on terror is completely driven and constrained by the strict
letter of the law? If so there’d be no need for CIA sanctioned ‘ops’. (Remember Franks’ convo with Vance on the sidewalk as Jenny’s townhouse burned in the background? Or Kort’s comments in observation at the end of Frame Up?) I am not a member of the military or government though so who knows, maybe I’m way off base and truly have seen too much tv, but I think what was portrayed may be more common than anyone cares to contemplate. That being said, yes, Gibbs and Fornell did have the luxury of choice. They were not forced by circumstances into one that compromised their principles. They embraced it just the same. Writers believe conflict makes for great television. It certainly has us talking.

NCIS Season 12 Episode 15 Review: Cabin Fever

I thought this ep was another winner in a season of winners.
And thank you Doug for the pick up on Tony learning he can trust Bishop. Spot
on. As you said, Tony just couldn’t believe she could be complimenting him and
not making fun of him. I wish I could hug Bishop! She may heal him yet! And I really agree with your thoughts about Gibbs’ subtlety and showing his own vulnerability. I really about broke up myself when in the cabin, a teary-eyed, choked up Gibbs told Fornell “If I had a daughter, yeah” Major heart strings stuff here. Fantastic emotion. I so love anytime Fornell and Gibbs share the screen. And wasn’t Gibbs interesting in the cabin setting? Harmon pulled out a few very rarely seen facial expressions. I really loved the Gibbs in the cabin and out in the woods. He had a whole different vibe than normal Tuesday night Gibbs. I thought his way of helping Fornell was perfect. I read lots of comments about Fornell being an alcoholic, and maybe I’m being naïve, but I don’t really see that. Before Diane’s death he was a fully functioning member of society without over-indulgence issues so I see this as being situational and I think Gibbs knew that. He wasn’t there to cure alcoholism, but to help Fornell deal with the underlying guilt and the unresolved that he was using alcohol to cover up and avoid. Now that they’ve had their outdoorsy therapy session, I’d be very surprised to see alcohol issues carried forward with Tobias. Yep, he did a bad thing by driving. He made a poor choice. He’ll make better ones next time. He’s
not a repeat offender. I’m more than willing to give him a break. I hope they
just move on from it and not wallow in it. Very unhappy at the turn of events related to Vance’s slur against Tony. It took me forever to warm up to him and now I really like him! And then the writers go and pull this???? Ugh. I didn’t particularly care for the way the scene played out when Tony confronted Gibbs in WBWF, but this week I thought it was handled much better all the way around. So once again, I'm a happy girl.

NCIS Season 12 Episode 15 Review: Cabin Fever

I know I'll be skewered for this but I've been thinking about all the posts about the divisively received execution. I’ll admit it was not how I’d like to have seen it played out, but in the end, I'm ok because Mishnev was a bad guy. He needed to be taken out. Now he’s out.
I kind of see it as if you don’t want to be executed, then don’t choose to be a killer.
As I posted elsewhere below, I think the minute Sergei decided to start killing people,
he had to accept whatever outcome became of his choices, up to and including
his own death. Bad guys who wield guns have to accept that good guys (and other
bad guys) wielding guns will be part of their landscape. At its most basic
level, there would have been no execution if Sergei hadn't started picking off
innocents. The choice was his from the beginning. And frankly, I draw a
distinction in that the offing was done by law enforcement officers. I’m ok
with it. I respect that it wasn't strictly right, but I'm having a hard time caring about that fact.