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Revenge Review: Save The Date

also, emily couldn't possibly die. she is the show after all.

Revenge Review: Save The Date

The ending was mindblowing and yes, i agree that charlotte was a bit irrelevant and i was wondering where her baby went.
Jack just hurt emily's feelings. i don't really like them two together but come on. he's just lying to himself saying he feels nothing for her.
double infinity. august 8 is officially my date for everything. fan theory, aidan shoots her. i cant even believe he would even wanna take down emily ugh. looking forward to the entire season.

How I Met Your Mother Review: Canuckin' Nuts

i cant believe this is gonna be their last season. so we know everyone's gonna give it their all.
the mother and lily meeting was very comedic. the flashback thing from ted when he's talking to his wife shredded my heart. and the barney robin feels. they complete each other and they dont have to wait anymore because theyve got each other. looking forward to this season and its sad to see that its the last.

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Remember the Time (Episodes)

heartfelt emotions. especially when christina says 'she can't get out' and explains how she had to get the bugs off arizona's leg and kept the animals from lexie and saving mark.. how she was awake for the four days and she had to drink her pee.

especially arizona's story..heartbreaking

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Christina....what a selfish bitch!!!

I love Christina.. and i love the kind of love she and owen share.. but aborting was her choice after all it was her body..

No matter what i love her

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PASS THE TISSUE!!! Best tear jerking scenes. (Fan Fiction)

when lexie dies in the season 8 finale

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