Elise of the upper east side

Elise of the Upper East Side

I love Gossip Girl (season 1 and season 2) and continue watching because the best part is Chuck and Blair :)
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Elise of the upper east side
Gossip Girl Finale Clip - The Proposal

FINALLY. I love how he says her whole name (he looks so hot in this ep! his hair is finally back yay!) and I love the way she says yes :') YAY!!!!

Elise of the upper east side

I completely agree with Ella. The flash forward is an easy way of skipping around the character development and actually good story lines that the writers are obviously completely incapable of. But it's necessary, and seeing future-NJBC and CB with their son and *finally* happy will make me regret watching s3-6 a little less (just a little though. this show sucks)

Elise of the upper east side
Who is Gossip Girl? Share Your Theories!

I don't care who GG is and anyone they choose will surely be a huge disappointment (like everything else post Season 2) ... why can't they just keep it a secret?? I don't ever want to find out! That's the sole thing they've done right on this show-keeping GG anonymous. Ugh.