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Vegas Review: Hoping for More

It's interesting how much Ralph loves his son. You believe him when he said he would die for him. As irrational Dixon can be, he is also patient. It showed that he was still young, and learning from his father. Katherine has been given small scenes in the past, and it was refreshing having her showcase her powerful skills here. She cares for Ralph, but she was also objective in her approach. When she needed to be firm, she was, but she was also tough in Ralph's favor when that time came. Katherine is one of my favorite characters. Whatever Lamb throws her way, she is still strong and confident. This series always makes you crave for more time.

TV Ratings Report: Not Ready for Love

Ironically, it's more practical than The Bachelor. The show basically said it, 'this has been done before, but let's have something that works or lasts'. It's a better catch. The girls have professional mentors that have had success in the business of love. However impossible it may seem to believe these sometimes knock off romance themed reality series, Ready for Love is actually more authentic. The views were probably based on those who rolled their eyes and chose not to look at 'another one of those', but I prefer to give shows chances. If it sucked, I would have said it and dumped it, but these people are just ordinary, beyond the cheese factor. The mentors give these girls guidance and says the things others would not tell you. It's worth a try.


Almost forgot. Loving the new opening for the Vegas theme.

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