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Man I don't know what it is about this show. It annoys me SOOO much, but I can't quit watching because I want to know what happens xD The problem is, that nothing seems to settle. Everything just keeps going in circles - I wish Amy and Ricky would get married already and get it over with. If they split up again, I don't think I can keep watching. It gets old and repetitive. I think it's incredibly immature and insensitive of Amy to react this way to her mother being gay. What's wrong with her being happy? Her parents were fighting nonstop and it was getting so old! Her family stopped being the same YEARS ago. Get over it! She isn't even living at home anymore.
I am so glad Ashley left for Italy - she obviously wasn't happy at home and was constantly letting everyone know that in the most rude and inconsiderate way possible. Not that the rest of the family was any better. Maybe she will be happy now and quit acting like such a bitch.
I hope Grace either leaves the Christian thing all together or realizes that everyone is sick and tired of her trying to manipulate them into believing something that they don't want to believe. If she would just quit pushing people, she would have a lot more friends.