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Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 243

Chief thinking : Atleast I still have a nose.

Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 242

Alex: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
April: Yeah, I'm thinking what you're thinking.
April: McDreamy is freaking hot!
Alex: I was actually thinking that I really need a 'Mc'-nickname too.
April: No need, they actually have one for you. McDouchebag!

Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 232

Derek: Meredith, what are you thinking about?
Meredith: I'm imagening what my life would be like, if a fanfiction writer wrote it.
Derek: What's it like?
Meredith: For one George is still alive, Izzie didn't leave and we have a lot of babies.

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Who do you think will win Chief Resident?

To me, Mer, cause she's the strangest. She can handle stress, she seems to have a certain autority. And actually people kind of respect her. -Alex, would be fine to. But I don't think everyone takes him seriuos.-April, I think she would be mocked with, I'm not sure. I don't think she's the one I would like to see in charge of all residents. In my mind I see her appologize if they don't listen to her, She has almost no autoroty.-Lexie: I don't think she's in the race. Cause she's a year lower, but she's got that memorty going on. So that would make her a strong canidat.But she seems to not take charge that fast. -Jackson: I find it weird that he's not been called, cause I would think he's a good choice to. But as far as it goes, I think he's not the best in aranging things.-Cristina: Well, she kind of just came back. So I'm not sure, if she could handle the prescure. But I'm sure if she's in the game, she'll give Mer a run for her money.

In my mind it's either going to be Mer, Alex or Cristina. I don't know sure who's going to win that race.

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