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The Good Wife Review: Who Got Voted Out?

I can't believe you didn't mention the sweet Kalinda/Cary moment. =]
I haven't been particularly interested in her mysterious past but I like that Cary is being dragged into it. Their relationship is nice to watch because it feels genuine but you still aren't quite sure about it but it was a great episode.

Glee Review: Drama, Drama, Drama!

The issue i have with people saying that 'they're like family' so it's alright is that apart from puck and finn and occasionally Kurt, none of the glee club treat Rachel like a friend but they say these things to her all the time.
And a few people have been said that it's not as bad as kurts bullying and no, it's not but it's still a form of bullying. Words can hurt just as much and while rachel does say things they tend to be aimed to the group, whereas with her, all the group are aiming these comments at one person. Even if they said they didn't mean anything by them (but they clearly do) it's a lot for someone to take and it's a terrible message that they're sending out.
If it's meant to be friendly then maybe they should show any of them actually being friends with rachel.
Really really really want jesse back now.

Glee Review: Drama, Drama, Drama!

Oh yeah, and I didn't particularly enjoy the songs and Emma bugged the hell out of me.