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..can we pretend that airplane in the night sky like shooting star, i could really use a wish rite now..
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can you say sexy.. ;p


i just finished watching the 17th installment.. and all i can say is 'wow..'
there's a lot of jaw dropping moment..
1st when Kat n Isobel met, i was like.. 'what a bitch!' hehehehehe..
2nd when Isobel n that Big scary dude kidnap Alaric, n i said 'f**king bitch! how could she!!'
3rd when Isobel chums John's throat, 'well, that jerk deserved it..but, what the hell she wants more??!!..'
4th when Isobel rips her magic necklaces, well, she's so selfish to have her own daughter witness her death like that..
5th jaw dropping is when Matt get into that patrol car!! i know they both must be devastating over Vicky's death and Caroline's situation..
6th the most shocking was when that big scary dude, which turn.out a Wiccan, bow to Alaric!! n i i thought, 'OMG!!! is Alaric actually Klauss???'..well, turn out, Klauss using some mumbo-jumbo to occupied Alaric's body.. hmmm...wonder what would happened with Jenna & Alaric then..
wonder what would Jeremy do, after he knows that Bonnie could be dead if she uses her power all at once to smite an original.. can't wait till next installment!!


Open at a meeting of the school's Celibacy Club. Emma, Rachel and Quinn are the only ones in attendance. Emma ends the meeting pushing the message of abstinence. While Emma confides in Will she's not sure the Celibacy Club message is catching on, Holly Holliday strolls in. She's subbing. Holly doesn't think celibacy is a realistic choice for teenagers and this rubs Emma the wrong way. Holly points out the students are pretty clueless about sex/STDs/etc, but Emma isn't convinced education is the answer. Brittany tells Santana "I think I have a bun in the oven." She doesn't want her to say anything to anyone, especially Artie. Santana immediately starts blabbing and word gets to Artie almost instantly. At the next Glee meeting we learn the reason Brittany thinks she's pregnant is that a stork is building a nest above their garage. This convinces Will that Holly is right about the kids needing sex education. He's worried about making sure not to titillate the kids. Holly thinks the answer is to sneak in the information. She wants to slip it in during the club's preparation for Regionals. Holly seems to be openly hitting on Will. Will says he wants to spend the week (along with prepping for Regionals) helping the kids understand sex. Holly walks in and gets right into the nitty-gritty, making Will and Rachel very uncomfortable. This transitions into Holly performing "Do You Wanna Touch Me." Kurt and Blaine run into Sue at the coffee shop. She's got "inside intel" that New Directions has realized its Achilles heel is sex appeal and is focused that way. She thinks it's possible the judges at Regionals may be scoring higher for sex appeal and Blaine thinks the Warblers must gameplan accordingly. Emma is upset with Will's educational plan. He allows her the opportunity to have the Celibacy Club perform for the kids. Lauren tells Puck she wants them to make a sex tape in order for her to get famous. Blaine meets with Dalton Academy's sister school, Crawford Country Day. He asks them to review the Warblers performance of "Animal" by Neon Trees. Kurt takes a co-lead role and Blaine doesn't seem thrilled. Afterwards Blaine and Kurt discuss that Kurt is lacking in sex appeal. Brittany tells Santana she enjoys making out with Artie more than her because of feelings. She is confused by the relationship with Santana and wants to talk to someone. Puck and Lauren tell Holly about their sex tape idea and she shoots it down, mentioning the possibility of them being charged with possession of child porn. Brittany and Santana come to Holly for advice. She says what really matters is who you fall in love with. Her idea is to find song lyrics that could help get a dialogue going. Blaine works with Kurt on his sexy faces. He admits to Blaine that he doesn't know the first thing about sex and doesn't want to hear about it anytime soon. Will and Holly practice Prince's "Kiss" as a sexy tango. Afterwards they make out and he asks her to go out with him. She thinks she's too dangerous for him. Blaine goes to see Kurt's dad Burt about Kurt's ignorance regarding sex, particularly gay sex. Blaine thinks Kurt needs someone to tell him about protection and STDs before it's too late. Holly, Brittany and Santana sing the Dixie Chick's "Landslide." Santana begins crying near the end of the song and tells Brittany those lyrics are how she really feels. Santana snaps at Rachel that she doesn't want to be labeled. Puck shows up at the next Celibacy Club meeting, saying he's hit rock bottom. He agrees to help them perform for New Directions but thinks they need another male for balance. Cut to Emma, Rachel, Quinn, Puck and Emma's husband Carl performing a very folksy rendition of "Afternoon Delight." Afterwards it becomes clear Emma has no idea what the song is actually about. Carl takes Holly aside and tells her that he and Emma need an appointment. Burt wants to give Kurt "The Talk." Kurt resists but his father pushes forward with the assistance of some pamphlets. He stresses the emotional component of sex and wants Kurt to make sure he realizes that sex means something. Emma and Carl tell Holly that even after four months of marriage they haven't had sex. They "cuddle a lot." Holly responds by asking Emma if she's still in love with Will. Emma says she's confused and Carl responds he's going to stay at a hotel for a while. Santana tells Brittany she's realized that she's "a bitch all the time" because she's has a lot of unresolved feelings for Brittany. Santana loves Brittany but is afraid to come out of the closet. Santana wants to be with her. Brittany responds that she's in love with Artie and doesn't think she could break up with him. Santana is crushed. Puck says he likes Lauren and is making a life change because of it. She responds by kissing him and saying she plans to join Celibacy Club as well. The next Celibacy Club meeting also includes Lauren, Santana, Artie and Brittany. Someone notices what looks like a hickey on Quinn's neck. She brushes it off as a burn, but we see that she is actually back with Finn. Holly is leaving school after some parent complaints. She tells him that she's reconsidered his offer and wonders if she shouldn't learn about romance with him. He grabs her as the episode ends.