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Extant Review: Welcome Home

The premiere has a nice sheen of tech gloss on it, but I've got real plausibility problems with what they're doing. First, she's a highly regarded, trained astronaut and yet she lets an obvious alien form, stereotypically viewable as a former lover, approach and touch her. Second, everyone with any tech chops knows that either (a) she would not even have the option to delete camera footage, or (b) that such a deletion was logged as an intentional act; for heaven's sake, the delete command asked for confirmation! So this is just sloppy screenwriting and cannot be forgiven because it poisons anything that derives from it. Third, Harmon comes back from the dead(?!) and cryptically warns her not to trust anyone. Jeez, is this script straight from The X-Files or what?! I wanted to like this series, I really did, but these plot gaffes betray its former potential since they're not taking the critical element of plausibility seriously.


I really like how they've put together this run of "24". Plausibility hasn't jumped the shark, and each episode is fascinating, there's no filler eps at all. I wish all series followed such a formula. I also like how this run didn't end with the device's recovery but pushed forward with further treachery. Like, like, like.

Tyrant Premiere Review: Broken Promise

Very adult, I like the start of this series. I like the premise, that the estranged "prince" trying to lead an American life is forced by circumstance back into his native family, and consequently forced to face a life, a destiny he ran from 20 yrs ago. Very intriguing, but I'm sure this will get quite political, with alliances and hostile factions setting up and that's when I tune out -- seen it all before in countless other politi-shows, but until (and if) they hit that point I'll continue to watch.