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Eludium q36

Great pilot episode! I haven't been as excited for a sitcom since "Happy Endings" which Zach coincidentally starred in. I especially like the characters played by him and Becki but Meera looks to be a breakout. They all - minus Becki - did a hilarious scene near the end by ad-lip-syncing a couple's wedding vows. Sharply funny stuff. Great writing and directing, at least in the pilot. Just added to my DVR as "Record Series".

Eludium q36
NBC Cancels Allegiance, Shifts The Slap

Nnnnoooooooo... "Allegiance" was a faster pace, more to the point, modern-day version of FX's "The Americans", and without the gratuitous S&V. In fact, I prefer it to the highly acclaimed latter show. Why won't NBC give shows like this time to find an audience?! Hmm, maybe the better question is why a broadcast network takes this show in the first place. Why not leave it to AMC, FX, TNT, or Netflix/Amazon to cultivate them with less ratings pressure?

Eludium q36

I want to like this show, I do. I'm in IT Security so this show resonates with me but it looks like they just threw the cast together without much thought. James VdB is tall and fit, but he's teamed with a pudgy Patricia Arquette who's just not right for this part. It's got to be awkward for them. And I can't believe they waste the premiere episode on a baby kidnapping/auction ring! Really?! Are they shooting for the young parent demographic with this show? I won't critique the other particulars because I'm more interested in each episode's technical premise, like the hijacking of a wireless baby monitor. So I'll come for the technical topic and will stay for not much else than that.