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Show's creator was interviewed and noted it's an actually award at Harvard.


Clearly, this and the prior episodes were leading to Louis' suicide but the writers feinted that and gave us Louis the Machiavellian. Also, given his medical history, the stress of those final moments could drop him down; otherwise, next season starts off with Jessica responding "Oh hell no!" In any case, please, please more legal drama and less Mike-and-Rachel playing house.

Manhattan Review: Welcome to The Hill

Sorry, I can't recommend this show except to women (notice the TVFanatic reviewer of this episode) because it has much more in common with a show like "Army Wives". There are so many problems with this show, the latter being just one: it starts in 1943 so the setting is one in which your father or grandfather grew up, and it's not at all colorful; in fact, they might as well filmed this in black-and-white because the muted grays and browns are just as bad. Next, the story starts after the project has begun, so there's no exposition of the Manhattan Project at all; in fact, the characters aren't even really named. That means this show is going to lean heavily on flashbacks which just adds to confusion, especially at the outset. It's also leaning heavily on family relationships (women love this) which is more distracting and FF bait. I was hoping the show would focus more on the science, the policy and ethical debates but instead we're getting splashes of Army Wives and Mad Men's misogyny. This is not a show designed for the mainstream; its target demographic seems to be men over 65 ("Baby Boomers") and women over 40. Deleted and removed from DVR's timer.

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