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Ethan offering Brona a place of “possible salvation.” Michelle, don't you mean Victor ?


This is actually a very very good theory !!! I am totally on board ! It would make sense as Sir Malcom and Vanessa share many traits, character and physical. Or again, when she asks him why he didn't take her to the expedition... They are so much alike.

Penny Dreadful Review: Devil's Bride

WOW ! What an episode that was !!!!!!!!!!!! I loved EVERYTHING in it ! Eva Green, I am in love ! She's so awesome ! She plays possessed like I've never seen before ! Took it to a all new level !
Sir Malcolm was cruel !! Asking Vanessa to find Mina when she's barely fighting for her life... Ethan was right to tell him ! So was Victor. However, I did find it interesting that Ethan talked about ripping his throat... Now, Ethan didn't perform exorcism per say. It was more of a prayer, repeating the same sentence over and over. But hey, it worked.
I also think that sex is the trigger. Rough sex to be precise. And Dorian did trigger it full force. Man I liked their dynamic though...
The Master had me fooled for a sec. I honestly thought it was Ethan...
When Vanessa begged him to kill her, I almost cried. That was horrible... How long was she fighting , 2 weeks ? Awful.
Dr. F and Ethan bonding was great ! Loved when Victor told that priest ! And that smirk, lol.
I was not too surprised to find that he is a druggy... oh well, hang in there doc.
One epi left ! What will they do ????