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Outlander Review: I Will Break You...

OMG !!! This episode right here was amazing ! And yes, this is the first time you've given a 5 ! Randall...what a monster ! I could tell he was enjoying the story a bit too much. Talking about the memory making his legs shake, etc. When he was lashing Jamie, he was def enjoying it. Claire though, she is a tough cookie but that sucker punch was a disgrace ! That man , though I never doubted, after this, the word monster doesn't even come close.
You go Dougal ! To the rescue ! But the tit for tat at the dining table was priceless. Brits vs Dougal !
Jamie and Claire, getting married ! Yay ! Though Jim you forgot the best quote , the fact that at least one of them will be experienced !
The shit just got real-er ! And I cannot wait for the next one !

True Blood Review: Mayor of Crazy

I know it's weird but the last two episode have been the best so far. An OMG, the ending with the Karma song and Eric & Co walking and him talking, that was awesome. I had to rewind coz that was just too cool.
Is Lettie Mae onto something... Maybe. But since Lafayette joined in, things got just a little more interesting.
Bill though... And Sookie finding out that she's Hep V positive and gave it to Bill, too much.
Now Sarah Newlin is the antidote ? WTF ?! So much for killing her. Will Eric use her ? Can the Yakuza make a cure ?
I haven't been commenting in a long while. Let's hope it gets better.

True Blood Review: Mayor of Crazy

I thought I was the only one who thought that loll.

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