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Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 322

Mark: What do you mean I'm leaving?
Cristina: Great, first my shoe, then Lexie, now Mcsteamy. My life is ruined.
Meredith: What has this show come to?


Boo :'( What will we do without McSteamy? In a way, I'm glad though. I won't have to see Mark end up with someone other than Lexie.

Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 297

April: Yes! Shonda is finally getting me a man to take away my virginity!

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Favorite couple??

St. Berry- Loved them! Lol

Puckleberry- These two together... I actually liked them, they were cute together

Finchel- Good chemistry. Love them!

Tike- Love them! They are so cute!

Klaine- <33 Love Darren Criss, so of course I love them

Quam-  I loved them together!  I thought they were adorable.

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I really love the show, but ...

@ Piperlin

A lot of shows actually take a Winter break.  Private Practice, Revenge, Once Upon a Time, Glee and many others take breaks then return in January

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what is the best episode you saw in Grey's Anatomy ?!

Season 2 finale and Seaosn 6 Finale.  I still watch the season 6 finale atleast once a week xD

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