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The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 87

Damon: well brother, I promised you an eternity of misery, but Elena and Lexi showed me up.
Stefan: looks like they have done worse than you ever did.
Damon: well I can't have that. I suppose I am going to have to play Justin Bieber music on my mp3 player over and over.
Stefan: No! Anything but that!
Damon: But that isn't all. I am going to bring in your iPad and let you watch your newly downloaded movie. Never say Never.
Stefan: I only downloaded it for Elena.
Damon: Sure you did. I'll go ask her after I start it.

The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 87

Damon leaned down to Stefan then asked," Come on Superman… What are you planning to do next?"
Stefan laughed sarcastically," I guess just sit here and rot away."
Damon furrowed his brow and looked at Stefan with a non-amused expression," Alright bro, I will be the hero just this once, " he scoffed rolling his eyes," but don't tell anyone. I wouldn't want to run my reputation." Damon smirked," On second thought I think Elena should know. After all she wants me to be the hero."
Stefan made an attempt to growl.
Damon just smiled slyly at him and raised a brow," You know I'm right."