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Glee Promo: Will Seduces... Sue?!?

OMG. Rachel will probably die after seeing Jesse in Vocal Adrenaline! And the Glee kids will try to blame her and then Rachel will get mad at Shelby and I hope she really doesn't have anything to do with it. I heard that Idina said Murphy came up with a good resolution for her and Rachel, so I hope that means good for the Glee Club and not good for Vocal Adrenaline!

Glee Review: Going Gaga!

To my mind this episode reflected the viewers response to the reaction about Kurt's sexuality. I think he overreacted the whole thing a little bit in some parts in the last couple of episodes and the whole thing about Finn's mother and Kurt's father was something that confused me a little bit. Specially because it happened too fast. But this episode and the relationship between Kurt anf Finn shows the two sides here - the ones who support Kurt's sexuality and those who don't. It's easy. Some don't like it and some love it. I personally think they came up with a storyline that is new and fresh and it's very usual this days. It's a good spin in the plot that Finn has to face Kurt's condition and the fact that he is behaving in order to please others and not himself. Because down the road, deep inside, Finn kind of envies how Kurt can express himself and show who he really is. On the other hand, I think that Shelby has to come back as a regular next season or at least another five episodes. I love her as Rachel's mom. I don't think Idina is too young for the role and you gotta admit the chemistry and the relationship mother-daughter are perfect. This two storylines that may sound like a cliche in other context are very believable and Ryan Murphy has come up with very intense lines that made me cry a river, literally. For now, I REALLY WANT IDINA TO COME BACK. SHE IS NOT JUST A WONDERFUL ACTRESS AND SINGER BUT SHE CAN SURELY PLAY THE ROLE OF RACHEL'S MOM PERFECTLY. Bring it !