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i love Leighton as Leighton as Blair not so much! She just looks so ordinary and happy all the time. Completly careless and selfconfident!


AnnaLynne is so beatiful, so elegant, so WOMEN!
While Shane is pure man!
But AnnaLynne is AnnaLynne and she rules!

The CW Releases Fall Premiere Dates

The only good thing is that they won't make a lot of breaks in the first half of the season.
Can't wait for Arrow, TVD and 90210!

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Goodbye my Witches! U'll always be in my circle

I visit this site everyday to see the happy news that AbC family picked it up, at least for a 12 episode probation season! but nothing and the last KW inteview this site post completly took any hopes!


I'm so sad that this happened but it failed to gather the raiting in important moments. it had tough competiton with long run GA and new hit Person of interest it really had issues. 

I wanna just say that this show diserved better and a new season with a improved cast could possible pick it back!


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what is the best episode you saw in Grey's Anatomy ?!

There are different cryterias !

Best Love episode: IzzieAlex wedding and MerDer elevator proposal!

HeartBreaking episode: When Derek choose Addie, with the women and man stuck on a pool! Danny dying episode!

Dramatic episode: season 6 finale

Comediac episode : George Syphilis episode S1 finale!!

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Kepner taking over Lexies place!

So Shonda played it right!

Kepner now can stay at the Hospital and tak over Lexies residnet place! Kepner failed her Boards and now will still stay at SGMW. 


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