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Castle Review: A Mob and a Mistress

This is one of the best episodes of Castle yet. Fenton is a fantastic character. I wish Ryan acted more like him(also the hair). And even with Castle's little screen time he still managed to have me laughing with his line 'Seriously? I didn't... I didn't bring my vest.'


Really? A secondary backup A team.... possibly consisting of Shauna, Jenna, Melissa. Redcoat is either Alli or her twin sister(from the books). It has to be either Cece or Jason is in the trunk. But what about Wren, Lucas or Noal. Admittedly Noal is probably just an idiot and Lucas was being used by Mona however Wren was super creepy in the last episode.(Maybe just a decoy by the writers?)
The second A team was the most annoying part of the episode. All along it's been this one group and now suddenly a new group took out the old one?
Is it Alli or her twin? That's probably the biggest question from this episode... (Or maybe the hand helping Alli out of the ground?) Or maybe it was her twin helping her out of the ground. *Wild speculation*
I was getting so bored of Ezra so I'm ok with the break up but will it last?
I also think Toby should have stayed dead. I hate when characters are brought back from the dead(except in Supernatural), if you're finished with a character then kill them and if not, don't...

Grey's Anatomy Review: Follow the Leader

Another great episode in this story arc. However the hospital arc seems to have come to an end with this new hospital arc being about rebuilding the hospital. The last few episodes have been the best episodes of the show ever and I'm worried the next few(until the finale) could just be filler episodes.