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Future Spouses?

Took them long enough! LOL!


why do they have to ruin the photo and put vanessa in it? LOL

Hilary Duff Lands Role on Gossip Girl

Dont get me wrong I like Hilary Duff but she is too disney.I mean gossip girl is about mature themes and someone coming off of a disney show dosen't fit well.(Well i don't think so) IDK it just doesn't fit for me. I'll just have to wait untill i see her in the episode.

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Dream S4 Episode Titles

I say instead of Forgetting Serena Van Der Woodsen it should be

Forgetting Blair Waldorf; if Chuck will have amneisa it would make sense

Also this could have been said before but:

Good Luck Chuck

Happily'Never After

Me myself and Blair Waldorf

Idk just some ideas

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Favourite FUNNY moments.


"I think i have brain damage"

"You know Dan if you had brain damage you wouldn't even know you had brain damage

^^ In season one, Dan was hilarious! I loved it when he would ramble on and on about things when he said something wrong.

Also Cyrus and the baby, not enough, i actually lol'd so hard!

Chuck/Serena, Chuck/Dan and some Chuck/Blair banter are hilarious too

I also thought Vanya in the finale was hilarious when he bursts in the room just when Dorota is about to give birth

Come to think of it, there are quite a few funny scenes in GG

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I know this sounds crazy but I'll still stick up for CHAIR. Bout you?

I don't want to be attacked here but IMO I'll say this. Chuck truly believed that his relationship with Blair was over, she didn't show up and he assumed she was done with him for good. He slept with a girl, something he's been doing for episodes now and Blair hasn't had a problem with it...If that girl was just any girl Blair wouldn't have been as upset, the fact that the girl is one of Blair's enemies is the issue. Also the fact that she went to make ammends with him and he had already slept with someone else. They'll get past this.

I agree with you completely. Thank god for a Chair shipper that isn't a retard and doesn't make the rest of us look like morons. lol


^^im in total agreement with this!

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