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Heroes to Actually Be Revived by MSN?!?

Heroes was a total mess. How about bringing back Firefly or something good that got the ax from idiot network execs. not shows finally put out of their misery.


detest Cas? he just got back. more Cas the better. i wonder if that gun was an acme product?

NBC to Place Revolution on Four-Month Hiatus

I f**king hate tv networks. This is a stupid move. thinking that it's the voice that is the reason for it's success. It may help it but I don't watch most of these stupid reality shows. I want to watch compelling fiction.
Now i have to wait until spring for more of this show. I don't think so.
winter is for staying in watching tv spring summer is for enjoying the sunlight. you just killed what could have been a great long running show NBC! CBS better not do this to Elementary or Vegas the two other "major Network" shows that I like this season? (does season even apply anymore?).