Hi everybody,

Have you ever felt like you want to know and see everything that there ever was? that's how i feel all the time, it is weird but it also never let's me stop or give up or get bored. that's why i watch way too many shows for my own good, read too many books and watch too many movies.

to whom it may concern:


Shows i used to love: hawaii five-0, NCIS (original not LA), CSI: Miami, Mentalist (sick and tired of Red John)


books: way too many to list


movies: again way too many to list


music: as the mood strikes, i like it all, from classical and opera to oldies to rock and pop.

as i said, my head is an interesting place albeit confusing.

nice to meet you all.


PS: Favourite shows that are NOT on the list: Boston Legal, The practice 

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hahaha so true!


hmmm, interesting food for thought...


I loved the premier and I am stoked that they are introducing another speedster and following up on the fact that another speedsters helmet fell out of the ring last season. One question, how come no one is curious about the fact that there is a meta-human that wasn't created in central city? So the collider had nothing to do with it and can we still call him meta?