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The Closer Review: In A Blaze Of Glory

I was a little disappointed with the whole last season being taken up with the lawsuit and the lack of support Brenda was getting. I loved the Stroh storyline being revisited and wrapped up. The writing stayed smart throughout the series, and I will miss Brenda Leigh. I thought the death of her mother a brilliant stroke, especially the hanger about Brenda never know what she needed to talk about.
I will miss her, but think it is best that Kyra be done with this character. Don't know where Major Crimes will take us, will give it a try when its available.
Looking forward to TNT coming up with more innovative and excellent shows.


the FBI agent is the weakest part of the show. She is too young, too inexperienced and comes off as an amateur, the acting is not up to snuff compared to the rest of the cast. This is also where the writing is the weakest, and makes it hard to suspend my disbelief.
McCormack is excellent, as is the rest of the supporting cast, Lewicki, Natalie etc. The depiction of schizophrenia is believable and sympathetic, and also shows us how someone with mental illness can still live a full and rich life.
I look forward to the next season.