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The Mentalist Review: End of the Red Era

This was undoubtedly the worst episode of the show to date. As an episode it was just barely acceptable, but as the finale of the show's main storyline, it was a disgrace. Heller kept telling the media there will be explanations to everything we have seen and everything will wrap up nicely. Now he tells us the stuff was just good for online discussions but not worth explaining? Are you fucking delusional? I feel I have wasted half a decade of my life watching this show and discussing and analyzing every episode of it. It was a good journey and ending it like this takes away EVERYTHING it ever gave us. I will never in my life touch any of Heller's works ever again. Probably not going to watch any TV show ever again.

The Mentalist Review: Not So Easy

I'll say this once again; I'll be horribly disappointed if Reede Smith is Red John, or even the last suspect before the real reveal. Him being in what you could call the top three suspects(if you choose to believe the tattoo points to RJ) is already a huge insult to the viewers. Even him being in the 7 suspects is ridiculous.
I simply don't want to believe this absurd tattoo clue is what finally leads to Red John. Especially now that we're this close to the big reveal and all they've left us with is questions rather than explanations for earlier clues. The next episode apparently reveals the Tyger Tyger organization, which I would hope brings Jane back to the suspects without the tattoo. Still, there's too little time for proper explanations on Red John. We'll just identify him, kill him and move on.


As a not-Jisbon-shipper, I was very happy with the scene. It's exactly why I don't want them to have a love story. Their relationship is perfect as it is. However, you shippers shouldn't feel bad about it. He gave her the best surprise she could have. She'd have risked her life there, with the suspects and the explosion. Jane was protecting her and told her how important she is, knowing he may end up dead.

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