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I never got the impression that Dan or Jordan had a problem with Brandy and Carol. As a matter of fact, Jordan remarked how Brandy was like his lesbian aunt that he always wanted. When Brent and Caite said they were going to u-turn the lesbians, the brothers looked taken aback and Jordan asked “why because they’re lesbians?� And whether or not Carol and Brandy were fun to watch definitely depends on your interpretation of fun. I enjoyed watching them. Their comments were smart funny as opposed to just funny or stupid funny. Remember “You’re a dummy.� “You’re a dummy.� “You’re a freaking idiot.� You’re a freaking idiot.� While mildly amusing in a “what are you forever 12� kind of way, many of Brent and Caite’s remarks left me shaking my head in annoyed amazement. Brandy and Carol, while seemingly prone to biting exchanges, these back and forth remarks were short and certainly never heated like those I’ve seen between many contestants. I think editing played a major role in giving credence to Brent and especially Caite’s homophobic/misogynistic witch hunt. I think it looked like good TV so they edited it in such a way as to justify lesbian bashing. I saw Brandy and Carol’s clip when Phil asked everyone on the race who they would like to see eliminated. The pair came off nothing like they had been depicted through editing. They said how they liked everyone and wouldn’t want to see anyone eliminated but of course it’s a race. They mentioned how the cowboys were strong. Interestingly enough they never singled Brent and Caite out for any remarks at all. They just said they liked everyone. I wonder why that clip never got air-time? As far as the cowboys, they looked uncomfortable and disturbed interacting with Brandy and Carol and the disgust they seemed barely able to contain when talking, both to them and later about them and their lack of warmth, seemed out of proportion to the simple question the lesbians asked. And as far the cowboys’ feelings about the brothers I haven’t seen any interaction between them at all. But the reason I put homophobia along with misogyny is because I think there are people who are more comfortable with gay men than with lesbians (and I know the reverse is also true) and in the case of lesbian hating I think misogyny plays a role. Anyway the whole thing left a really bad taste in my mouth and I don’t know if I will be able to watch Amazing Race anymore or if I will just feel too uncomfortable now that I know what they are capable of promoting.
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I'm sorry I just don't get this at all. One of the brothers did an imitation of Caite's answer to her pagent question and Carol remarked that now she knew who Caite was. Neither Carol or Brandy ran off to tell Brent and Caite the brothers were being mean to them. But people couldn't wait to tell Caite what a horrible thing one of the lesbians said. All Carol said was "is she wearing her sash and her tiara for the race?" Really! compared to what other people have said that's hardly enough to get so angry that you speak about both parties with such hatred and continually call them the lesbians in voices dripping with an interesting combination of homophobia and misygony. I don't agree it was rightly so and I don't think it is certainly not enough to take humbrage over. And if all that you didn't get is why Brandy and Carol think the move was stragically dumb, then you just aren't paying attention. That move just might cost Brent and Caite a million dollars. They will not get another chance to get rid of the cowboys (who's homophobic/misogynistic attitude toward the lebians was duly noted) or the detectives. Who I am really annoyed at is The Amazing Race who allowed this type of homophobic misogynistic hatred to get air time. They gave credence to this type of behavior.

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