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Burn Notice Review: Pearcing Justice

@John, if the can was incinerated in the process, then there would be no way.
If it wasn't, I don't know how you get fingerprints off a burned can. xD
If it were possible, and I don't know if, then it would be practical for the wardens to investigate.

Burn Notice Review: Pearcing Justice

First off, I've noticed that Burn Notice is not as involving as it used to be in Season 2,3. Those seasons kept you watching to every detail :P
This episode, I was concentrating on the Pearce/Jesse bits. Anyone else who ships them? xD
Someone down there said that they don't believe that Michael would keep sending his family and friends into harms way.
Well, in all six seasons, they've learnt the ways of Michael Westen, and I'm sure if Michael thought the son was dangerous AND smart, he would have reconsidered sending them.
I must say, Pearce looks great in casual.
I love Nate, as usual. He's obviously less irresponsible as he used to be in the much earlier seasons :)
And the end, THE MOST INTENSE SCENE since well, Season 5's finale, but still. It was sweet. I loved the mention of their first meeting. All us BN fans are always dying to know how they met.
And @Johm, that can burst out and got ruined in flames, right? How do they get fingerprints off that? But I agree, its pretty stupid not to investigate this kind of thing.

Burn Notice Review: Yogurt For Two

I really thought Nicole would buddy up with Fiona without any bumps in the road. Aw well, maybe.
I recall John McGinley's performance from 'The Animal'. Playing a cool, smart spy mentor is the opposite extent, but he managed to do it :)
Jesse was awesome, the way he wove his little stories. Seen a lot of times in the show, but first time I've seen it by Jesse.
Poor Nate. When he got together with Ruth, I didn't think it would work out. Then he had the baby, and I thought cool, they must have worked it out.
Then, she leaves him. :( thats so much worse for him since she took the kid.
I give the episode a 4. What I don't like is that ALWAYS when at the end, theres a huge action scene, it ends with us knowing very little. Fiona and Nicole had their tussle, and then its kinda OBVIOUS that someone wants Fi dead. It happened with Tavien too! *sigh* Waiting for next week's, as usual -.-