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Grey's Anatomy Review: So Long, Zola?

A very good double-episode. I loved the sinkhole story line. It was good to finally have a natural disaster episode. Derek was somewhat irritating, but it's okay. He'll get by. I was a little taken by for what Bailey was feeling towards Meredith and the hate she was displaying towards her. Other than that, I am glad she got the trial. The chief was very noble this episode. As much as it sucks that I know he's not gonna be the chief anymore (I'm gonna find it hard to get used to another chief.) Alex is finally redeemed. Him trying to fix what he broke with Meredith the entire episode was nice to watch, but what was better was that it paid off. The 2 hours for this episode was time well spent.

Ellen Pompeo Open to Grey's Anatomy Return

I absolutely love this human being. She is above and beyond. Katherine Heigl (with all respect to Izzie) took the fame and ran away. Ellen could start making movies, other series, etc.. But no, she decides to stay on the show that gave her the fame because she'd never turn her nose up on Grey's Anatomy. That's a noble woman right there.


I'll always watch Grey's Anatomy, no matter when and who is acting. It's just that good.