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Doctor Who Review: Amelia's Last Farewell

Hmm, In this episode the characters outshone the shoddy writing! Can time be rewritten? (it was in the Scrooge Xmas special a few years ago?), Why didn't the doctor take River's bracelet? Why didn't the angel send River and the Doctor back when they were monologue-ing after Any and Rory were sent back? What was with the Statue of Liberty (if it's an Angel did it disappear after the hotel vanished?)Why is the doctor to tell "young" Amy about all the things that will happen in the future? Doesn't that invalidate all the timeline as the point was she waited for all those years alone? In a previous episode the angels were the cast out Galifrayians (see the Master episode where he brought Galafray to Earth) why are they now different styles and sizes? Why was Rory returned to the graveyard? (he disappeared in Central Park)? Why doesn't the doctor heal all the thousands of wounds that he comes across with his new XMen healing factor? Why does the BBC allow Steven Moffat to drink before he writes these episodes?