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Glee Review: This Is How You Do It

Read this review and Choke's review... and you will understand why Miranda is such a better reviewer than Mr. Richental.
This episode was one of the best episodes I've ever watched on Glee. It was funny, silly, dramatic and upbeat at the same time.
Dianna, Naya and Lea delivered the best performances of the night, showing what true and convincing acting is about. I couldn't be happier with this episode.

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 206

Nate: Gossip Girl is going to be renewed for another season.
Lola: And I thought Grey's Anatomy was going bad...

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 206

Chace Crawford thinking: *Eh eh, more guest stars coming up? My character is about to get new action."

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What do you think is going to happen in the following episodes?

I'm kinda nervous with all that death storyline and the return of Holly is strange too. After Regionals and during Regionals, what do you think is going to happen on Glee?

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just say no to Sam and Santana

Forget Kum -.- it will be Klaine/Blurt, not Kum.

Sam-tana is nice, Santana is such a great character and Sam is a good guy, he needs some spicy action :)

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