Flora (=liarsunited)

Hello there :)

I am Flora~ (the mermaid)

current residence: Carolinefornia

forum home: TVD

other homes: PLL and GG

soulmates: coco, sharon n glenna, tri 'n red

ships that I sail: haleb, stebekah, klaroline ♥

ships that should drown:ezria

tv crushes: caleb rivers, stef salvatore, KLAUS

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lol candice stfu about Caroline, you don't need Klaus to make her interesting but who the fuck cares about her going to college.


You guys are dumb. what did Plec bribe you with, Cheetos?

The Originals Preview: I Want to Be King

but why would Becca and Elijah stay around???? and Hayley? Let's see. To tame that crayola son of a bitch