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Gossip Girl Caption Contest 128

*everyone stares at bottle*
Blair: what are we all supposed to be seeing again, Nate?
Nate: HAHA, you all just lost the game! *everyone else groans*

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 121

Blair (thinking): I have to pee sooo much right now.

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 100

N: So, we really need to talk.
S: ...
N: Serena?
S: Huh? Sorry, I was just staring at my reflection in your eyes, I'm even prettier in there!
N: ...

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best song ever featured on gossip girl??? (Music)

Here we goooo...

Bitch By The Plasticines

Whatever You Like (TI cover) By Anya Marina

Secret By The Pierces (when I first heard it in the theme for Pretty Little Liars I was like "OMFG, THAT WAS ON GOSSIP GIRL")

Saga By Basement Jaxx ft. Santigold

Zero By The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Seaon of Love By Shiny Toy Guns

Two Weeks By Grizzly Bear

Moth's Wings By Passion Pit


There's more but I'm too lazy xP


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New Chair set photo (Spoilers)

Ahh, Chair, how I miss them D':Actually, this is the first I've been on here in months, so I guess I missed the whole cast.. aside from the Just plain obVious exceptions ;3Anyways, the writers really did fuck the whole thing right over, and I hope they can redeem themselves with a plotting, sex, drama, and love filled storyline that ultimately puts the Ch and Air back together to make Chair once again.But a girl can only dream...

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Ed's Kind of Girl (Ed Westwick)

OMFG, I was cruising through some pics of Leighton looking for one to use for a roleplay, andI stumbled upon not only the Elle photos, but these. AHHH, I miss Chair so much D':Leighton and Ed have such great chemistry together on screen and off (as shown in candids).

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