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My husband and I watched the Pilot of NCIS LA, but were unimpressed, we did not intend to watch it again, as it lacked any depth. When we saw Linda Hunt in a preview Ad on TV we decided to once again give it a try. From that point on Linda Hunt had us hook, line and sinker! If you replace Linda Hunt you have with the same action lost your entire audience! She gives your show validity, without her the other characters lose their momentum, if you doubt this, just watch your own Pilot again and you will have to agree with all of us fans!
I plan to go a step further and contact the sponsors of the show.
I will boycott all their products have all friends and relatives do the same!
We fans mean BUSINESS, you get rid of Linda Hunt, you get rid of a promising and successful show for all of us will be gone. Then who will watch your blood and guts fluff?!!

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