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I think they've forgotten the presence of gossip girl as in season 1 when she could destroy anyone herself now she is just a narrator outsider. I believe season 1 was the best they now are so grown-up n getting really boring without real scheming


what's the name of the song?

Two More Clips From "The Debarted"

rufus is toootally annoying...now he wears shirts and is lily's bitch...she controls him....i also believe that j's acting like blair when she was queen b..so is not fair that ppl hate her because of that...but i also believe that she owns things because rufus married lily..and they live in her house

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Witches of Bushwick (Season 4)

i know it won't happend for good. but i hope this 3 take down serena she always gets away with everything n she's such a whore

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Juliet Doesn't Live Here Anymore (Season 4)

serena is a whore i hate her. she always gets away with everything just cause she's hot

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What do you think the endgame for the show will look like?


chair, serenate, danessa, eric with a hot guy xd, jenny alone. rufus and lily

careers: nate...just nobody, chuck in bass industries, blair lawyer, serena ..just a socialite, dan and vanessa writing and filiming maybe together idont know.

i hope it last 6 seasons to know how they get grownups

i also think that maybe they turn the IT GIRL (jenny's story) into tv series too...maybe

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