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Fringe Review: "Subject 13"

Great episode great review! I really shouldn't be surprised anymore but once again I am left with more questions than answers. Mostly the questions that Cortexifan posed. I had a hard time concentrating because I kept waiting for the explanation of why Olivia was so much older than previously believed. I can appreciate that Walter lied about the length of the trials because it wouldn't be the first time he lied and/or forgot crucial information like that. My only wish would have been if they had mentioned that...but maybe they will in a later episode. What is hard for me is why doesn't Olivia remember. Walter gave Peter a mantra to keep him from having nightmares so maybe Peter thought he dreamed of Olivia...and maybe Olivia was traumatized with what happened with her stepfather but would that trauma erase 6 years worth of memories about experiments. This makes me believe there was some other explanation for their memory loss which I'm positive will come out in a later episode, it just left me wanting a little more information with this episode. However, it wouldn't be a Fringe episode if it didn't leave me wanting more and having more questions than answers. Once again, another fantastic Fringe episode that will take several hundred more viewings for me to fully appreciate it, wonderful acting from John Noble, Orla Brady, and especially young Peter. Young Olivia was AMAZING! The way she portrayed young Olivia with the exact silent and subtle way that Anna does for the present Olivia simply astounds me. Fringe has to have the most amazing cast I have ever had the pleasure of watching!