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Wow...she was so beautiful. Talk about trout pout!


I enjoyed this episode. Poor Dean, watching Sam stagger around the Batcave. (If they destroy this set before the end of S9, I will go postal!) "I love you"/"I know" is meaningful, but it's also a callback to our first sight of Charlie in LARP And The Real Girl, since it's a quote from one of the Star Wars movies. In that episode, it was used as a joke. Both hugs were great. I was more touched by the Sam hug, but seeing Dean relate affectionately to someone else was a treat. Now if only they would let Sam relate to someone else besides Amelia...I mean, come on, the poor guy must be lonely! At least when he's not dying from the God trials. I truly hope Sam does not become a demi-god or get superpowers. For one, it recalls Godstiel, two, we've already seen Lucifer!Sam, three, it feels out of character and kinda clunky.

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