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Gossip Girl Round Table: "The Backup Dan"

The only thing that bothered me about "Lola" was her choice in shoes. As someone who's worked as a server and for catering events, there's NO way in hell you'd wear a pair of heels like hers to any job. Seriously, what was wardrobe thinking? The dowry excuse wasn't a big deal to me - I like how it came between C and B. The theme of Chuck treating Blair like property has been a consistent one over the years, so it was appropriate for B to not want C to "buy" her out the mess with Louis. I had a harder time with the pact from God from the week before - though I would have liked that plot device better if it had stemmed from the loss of her child combined with the almost-demise of Chuck. More of a multiple trauma induced anxiety kinda thing, y'know? Anyway, the dowry clause is obviously an outdated yet traditional practice, and I could easily see Louis and his Mama gleefully dusting it off to get what they want from Blair. Can't wait for more lovely Dair BFFing next week! ^_^


Loved all of them, but #3 got my vote (though I would also have liked to vote for #5 - great song, and it had that fantastic "Inside" kiss! *swoon*). Great job, vidders! :)


I am *so* excited for this EPIC episode! Definitely going to have an elegant GG viewer party that night to mirror the wedding - complete with prosecco and sparkly, wedding-appropriate headbands, lol! ^_^ As for B's kissing buddy - I'm hoping it's Chuck, just so she can slap closed their fairytale door for good. After re-watching all of last season this past week, and seeing how damaged and unhealthy their relationship truly is, I'm firmly on Team Dair.