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Gossip Girl Round Table: "The Backup Dan"

The only thing that bothered me about "Lola" was her choice in shoes. As someone who's worked as a server and for catering events, there's NO way in hell you'd wear a pair of heels like hers to any job. Seriously, what was wardrobe thinking? The dowry excuse wasn't a big deal to me - I like how it came between C and B. The theme of Chuck treating Blair like property has been a consistent one over the years, so it was appropriate for B to not want C to "buy" her out the mess with Louis. I had a harder time with the pact from God from the week before - though I would have liked that plot device better if it had stemmed from the loss of her child combined with the almost-demise of Chuck. More of a multiple trauma induced anxiety kinda thing, y'know? Anyway, the dowry clause is obviously an outdated yet traditional practice, and I could easily see Louis and his Mama gleefully dusting it off to get what they want from Blair. Can't wait for more lovely Dair BFFing next week! ^_^


Loved all of them, but #3 got my vote (though I would also have liked to vote for #5 - great song, and it had that fantastic "Inside" kiss! *swoon*). Great job, vidders! :)


I am *so* excited for this EPIC episode! Definitely going to have an elegant GG viewer party that night to mirror the wedding - complete with prosecco and sparkly, wedding-appropriate headbands, lol! ^_^ As for B's kissing buddy - I'm hoping it's Chuck, just so she can slap closed their fairytale door for good. After re-watching all of last season this past week, and seeing how damaged and unhealthy their relationship truly is, I'm firmly on Team Dair.

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Huge spoilers from GG Set (Spoilers)

Uh, sorry, but Breakfast at Tiffany's has no such scene. Perhaps it's a different movie they reference? Blair doesn't always dream in "Audrey", y'know. ;)

My vote is fantasy sequence or royal beeotch sabotage.

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Who Does Blair Kiss - New Ausiello Spoiler (Spoilers)

If therapist Eliza is successful, she will bring out something old school in Chuck - namely, Chuck Bass gets what he wants, and takes it if necessary. I can see him trying to prove himself to Blair and, once again, forcing himself on her - not in a scary, aggressive way, mind you, but in a powerful-yet-misguided, "I will show you how much I love you" way - aka: The Kiss.

Blair will melt into it for all of three seconds (because, honestly, who wouldn't? Chuck's a pro, lol!), but then she'll remember herself - or that she's engaged - or that she secretly pines for Dan - and WHAMO, aka: The Slap.

Either way, I can see Louis walking in on this, freaking out, which in turns freaks B out, and...well, dramatic stress (like a fiance jumping to conclusions and breaking off an engagement, perhaps) can only mean bad, BAD things for her pregnancy.

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GG Pregnancy contenders revealed? (Spoilers)

Eleanor was in NY for Blair's engagement party. Why she'd use Blair's bathroom...? Who knows. Maybe she didn't want Cyrus to find out because she herself was beyond shocked. If I were her age and suddenly preggers, I'd be cracked out, too!

I'm calling the whole situation a red herring: no Serena, no Blair, possibly Mama Waldorf. 

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