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oh so it's obvious C & B are getting back together. there are videos of her on set running into the empire state building

GG Wedded Bliss

I think what will happen is, Blair is smiling at Dorota and Vanya and Chuck is smiling at Blair, Blair eyes drift to him and she notices he's smiling at her like she's the greatest thing in the world. (KIND OF LIKE THE SMILE WHEN SHE WAS DANCING IN HIS CLUB IN SEASON 1) and with the wedding and the love and the bliss smiles back a loving smile. THAT WOULD BE AMAZING.


Okay that was absolutely heart breaking.
I know what Chuck did was absolutely terrible. But I for some reason feel so sympathetic to Chuck. Here's my reasoning. I believe that if Chuck's mother had never lied and said that she wasn't actually his mother Chuck's reasoning would have been different. If his mother was still "his mother" then Chuck would have had a parent to fall back on and someone to lead him in the right direction. Because both of his parents are "dead" to him he still has to prove that he is strong to his father. With his mother he would know that she was proud of him and he wouldn't have needed to prove anything. Also I blame a lot of this on Jack. Jack is probably the worst uncle that ever existed. He knows just how to get under Chuck's skin so he'll do anything. If Jack hadn't pushed Chuck so far, then Chuck wouldn't have been SO desperate to get his hotel back. I think at the end of the episode Chuck realized what he did was wrong, but when he was talking to Blair it was so hard to admit he was wrong, because he's Chuck Bass. That's why it's DEVESTATING that he proclaims his love so sincerely and begs for her forgiveness and she turns him down. That's what absolutely kills me. I really hope Blair takes him back. But it doesn't look likely... :(

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~ Chuck & Blair ~ 2.0


it's just a dream.

#1 they wouldn't film a scene that pivotal outside

#2 blair would NEVER do that to Serena

#3 if she's not leaving louis for chuck, she's DEFINITELY not leaving him for dan.

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~ Chuck & Blair ~ 2.0

I can't decide if this actually means something, or if Ed and Leighton are just playing around...


I hope it means something. I need them to get back together.

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Last Tango, Then Paris [Canadian Spoilers] (Spoilers)

chuck is shot? what the fuck! NO! SO HE DIES? WHAT THE FUCK.


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