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Who is the Worst Mother on TV?

Cora from OUAT!She was horrible... the only time I felt sorry for her was when she got her heart back.

Delena Sex Scene!

THIS is how it should have been! Anyone knows if I can find the video on youtube?

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 230

"Gossip Girl: Looks like Hurricane Sandy may have blown away the city, but Sage has taken Manhattan by storm." @queenbee94 haha I totally read that with Kristen Bell's voice!

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'Ripper' Stefan Appreciation Thread

I hadn't read that spoiler... Wow I'm so excited! Stefan was amazing as the ripper, and I want to see how far he will go.

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Nina Dobrev, a bad actress?

I love Nina and I think she is an amazing actress. She can take on different parts and do them perfectly.

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Stelena Appreciation Thread

I'm always torn between Delena and Stelena, but the last scene between Elena and Stefan was just beautiful. I definitely cried!

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