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Scandal Review: Sleeping With The Enemy

Miranda, I already watch the show, and you made me want to watch it.
Greatest sleeper since "WISEGUY" in 1987.
Season 1 I went about my way, and then "BAM" my jaw dropped. I had a good kept guilty pleasure. The 2nd tie around, they did an incredible job of linking everything together. Olivia Pope is a Rock Star, and thanks for the Cuddy appearance. Every character in this series has a closet full of skeletons! Quinn was suppose to be the headliner, but Django Unchained Ms. Washington stole it back. Like I said, it all was put together very nicely. So nicely, I have no clue whats going on. I love that. ( I get it, what is going on? I get it, what the hell is going on?? )
Gotta run, my Sundays are full of Shameless, House of Lies, and Californication!