Bailey's my fave. She like my frickin' hero. Callie's a close second cuz she's a lot like me on two fronts: (1) She 's hardcore and (2) She's rediscovering herself. MerDer is ahhh-mazing(DUH!). Fave epi: "Into You Like A Train" I know almost all of it by heart. Beautiful scenes, great acting and intruiging medicine. That's all I can think of off the top of my head. I'll add more when I think of it :P
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Extended Grey's Anatomy Season 5 Blooper Reel

I love it!!! I gotta put this on nmy iPod!!!

Grey's Anatomy Season Five Blooper Reel

Ha! I love when they have those "bad acting" T.R. Knight did in the Season 3 bloopers when he looked at his mark b4 walking up to it. Hi-larious!

Grey's Anatomy Season Six: The First Promo

OMG!.....That's all I can really say rite now....OMG! I'm about to burst!!

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Check out Bailey...

...In her dark blue attending scrubs. It made me smile :)

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~*~ABC's of Grey's Anatomy~*~

Attendings dating interns (Mer/Der, Burke/Cristina, Sloan/Little Grey, almost Addie/Alex, but they never actually dated...)

Band nerds ("None of you guys are normal, you're all frickin' band nerds!!)

Clandestine relationships

Dead mommy's ashes

Ellen Pompeo

Funerals (Susan, Mr. O'Malley, George  )

Grand Gesture (what the Chief tells Derek he needs to propose to Mer)

Hiatus sucks

Can't wait for September 24th!

Just thinking about McDreamy

Keep looking at the Calendar (is it September 24th yet?!?!?!)

Lovin' in the workplace (Mer/Der, Izzie/Alex, etc.)

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~*~Spoiler Free~*~

Denny said that in Mer afterlife.

"You're using fart logic!"

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