Bailey's my fave. She like my frickin' hero. Callie's a close second cuz she's a lot like me on two fronts: (1) She 's hardcore and (2) She's rediscovering herself. MerDer is ahhh-mazing(DUH!). Fave epi: "Into You Like A Train" I know almost all of it by heart. Beautiful scenes, great acting and intruiging medicine. That's all I can think of off the top of my head. I'll add more when I think of it :P

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Extended Grey's Anatomy Season 5 Blooper Reel

I love it!!! I gotta put this on nmy iPod!!!

Grey's Anatomy Season Five Blooper Reel

Ha! I love when they have those "bad acting" T.R. Knight did in the Season 3 bloopers when he looked at his mark b4 walking up to it. Hi-larious!

Grey's Anatomy Season Six: The First Promo

OMG!.....That's all I can really say rite now....OMG! I'm about to burst!!