I love Gossip Girl and Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass!!
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Blake Lively to Pose For Playboy?

She'd better not pose!!! I don't like Playboy,because it is a shitty magazine.
She'd better either for Maxim or FHM or not at all ;]

Rachel and Serena

I hate Ms Carr,Serena is awesome

Sexy Miss Carr

She is such a bitch,hate her!!

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Carrnal Knowledge (Season 2)

I hate this epsiode,especially The Rachel Carr Slut!!! The only good thing with the episode was Elle (Kate French),who is very beautiful. I was very disappointed from Dan!!

This episode is the worst ever,especially for Blair and Serena fans!!

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The Freshman (Season 3)

Georgina is such a whore!!I hate her. Blair should be with Chuck,not in the dorms with Whore-gina!!

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All About My Brother (Season 1)

I hate Georgina!!She is awful!!

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