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Dorota's Back!

Ahhh I was afraid we won't see her anytime soon this season but there she is :) Love Dorota!

Gossip Girl Spoilers: Chuck. Blair. Sex.

Well, as G said we should take it with a huge grain of salt.
Also, maybe "Chair" sex means it will involve just one side of the pairing? ;) e.g. Chuck and Eva.

Gossip Girl Photos: "Double Identity"

I don't like Serena's hair on these photos.... what is this thing above her ponytail? Just awful! Other than that-everyone and everything look gorgeous :)

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Chai/Dair/Blouis and baby: My opinions on season 5

Why are we assuming Blair's pregnant, that anyone is? You know what, I think no one will be pregnant. It's like with Chuck being shot-some people feared he would die but he didn't. Or maybe it was Blair's test but she took 5 other ones which showed she wasn't pregnant or just went to the doctor and made sure she's not pregnant.

Or maybe... Idk if anyone has jsuggested it but... maybe Chuck 'shoots blind soldiers', so yeah.

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Best scenes/moments of season 4

Blair's face after she answered Dan's question in 4x17... I mean, when she said sth like 'why do I go around the city when I live in Brooklyn' or something like that, loved the expression she made.

Juliet's 'no you stupid bitch'

When Colombia's dean saw Vanessa and asked 'and who are you?'

One-liners from Uncle Jack in 4x21

Can't think of any more right now...

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One thing to admire about Raina

I didn't notice this quote... strange.

I don't get the hate for Raina... I think she was a nice character&I agree with undeclared :)

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