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Taylor Momsen Wants to Be Taken Seriously

ed's music was used on the show

Taylor Momsen Wants to Be Taken Seriously

one day when she's all grown up she will look back at this and slap herself.

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 60

Dan: "So... Do you come here often?"

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Dan Humphrey

I love The Inbetweeners!! its such a funny show!

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Songs that describe each character (Music)

Chuck: Handsome Devil by The Smiths

Nate: Vince(/Nate) The Lovable Stoner by The Fartellis

Serena: The Sex Has Made Me Stupid by Robots In Disguise (also works for Nate..)

Blair: Queen Bitch by David Bowie

Dan: Lonely Boy by The Sex Pistols

Jenny: She's Lost Control by Joy Division

Venessa is any song with the words pretentious and douche in them

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Glee and TVD pwn GG!

all im saying is that it very easy to compare a new and fresh show with a show thats has been running for a couple of years.. i mean, what if this season is great but next season they'll run off of ideas and it'll suck?

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